published work – gepubliceerd werk
Competition entry bridge design Amsterdam
Competition entry community centre Amsterdam, with Heyen Beheer and Bouwbedrijf Van Rijn
Poetic contribution anniversary architectural centre – VIDEO
Design and realisation temporary mural Amsterdam – VIDEO
Competition entry outdoor sculpture Capelle aan den IJssel – VIDEO
Competition entry kitchen design – VIDEO
On landscape architecture – VIDEO
Research into building product – VIDEO
Contribution poetic festival Amsterdam
Exhibition design and realisation Overijssel – VIDEO
Competition entry urban design NL – VIDEO
Shortlisted competition entry interior design
Poem for architectural centre Rondeel
Exhibition design and realisation Deventer – VIDEO
Seminar building product Deventer – VIDEO
Mural Deventer – VIDEO
Transformable table – VIDEO
Competition winner and poetic reporter cultural festival Crossing Border Den Haag
Exhibitions chair and table design Deventer – VIDEO
Transformation study former bank into library II Deventer
Transformation study former bank into library I Deventer
Scientific poster Transportation Safety Architecture
Chair design, realized by Jasper Zwart
Scientific poster School Safety Architecture
Exhibition gallery Deventer
Interior design Deventer – VIDEO
Scientific poster Crowd Safety Architecture
Urban study Deventer II
Urban study Deventer I
Bridge design Enschede – VIDEO
On fire safety engineering (FSE)
On architecture & music II
On architecture & music I
Award architectuurcentrum Twente
Recommendation competition winner Architectenweb
Architectural design III
Architectural design II
Architectural design I
Recommendation exhibition participant Architectenweb
Architectural design
Thesis Delft University
murals – muurschilderingen – on Curacao (Antilles), in Calgary (Canada) and Deventer (NL)