Owner ir. M.D. Bredero, BSc : courses in artistic painting (oil) /Curaçao, France, Spain & The Netherlands (Lucila Engels, Marie-Therèse Hanselaar, Pablo Ransa & Sam Bult), courses in sustainable energy Passief Huis and in Methodical Design /Enschede, advanced course in Supple Architecture (prof. Greg Lynn) /Amsterdam, Master of Science in Architecture (prof. Herman Hertzberger, prof. Arie Graafland) /Delft, Adviesbureau Genie as R.O.A.G., Ministry of Defense /The Hague, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering /Calgary, professional all-round bricklaying training /The Hague, Preparatory Scientific Education /Curaçao, Primary school /Paramaribo

Here architecture was approached as language, which consequently allows meanings to be transferred.
The project of Maarten Bredero demonstrates a reconsideration of the possible content of the urban block in the inner-city of Amsterdam, with some remarkable hypothesis, such as a parking solution with the utilization of the roofs and the renouncement of determined functions.
This unorthodox approach makes this study extremely interesting.
Closing comment main mentor Herman Hertzberger for graduation project at Delft Technical University.


furniture – meubelen – cabinets and kitchen in Hengelo and Deventer